Women Can Do Pull-ups!

PullupDo all the exercises!
For women trying to do pull-ups, you may come across many articles online for tips of what not to do.  Don’t use bands! don’t do lat-pull down! Don’t don’t don’t!  People become paralyzed with trying to do it exactly right that they end up not doing much at all and wonder why they aren’t improving.  Muscle development, even if it is not in the exact place you need it, is not a bad thing.  There is no one magic exercise, but working on general upper body strength or using resistance bands is certainly not harmful.  Instead of stopping things that you are doing, add in a few of these exercises and techniques to help with your pull-ups:

  • Building up general upper body strength,
  • Targeting the specific muscles that you will need for the pull-up
  • Work on your technique

Specific pull-up muscle development into your routine:
Dead hangs or Passive Hang – Grip Strength and Shoulder Mobility
Scapular pull-ups – Shoulder Strength and improves technique
Pull-up Negatives  – Builds strength at the various stages of the pull-up
Resistance Bands – Do very slowly and focus on technique and not to bounce at the bottom

Focus on Technique:
Drive elbows to the floor
Don’t lock out at the bottom
Correct Scapular Positioning – Watch this excellent video on it 

Here was a good article I liked about pull-up technique
How to Do Pullups with Proper Form: The Definitive Guide
Upper Body Strength:  
Barbell Row
Dumbbell Row
Row Machine
Machine Low row
Lat pull-down
Kettlebell swing


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